Banquette LAYLOW – design Raphael Navot

Edition Rue Hérold

Laylow was created with the intention to celebrate Rue Hérold’s rich, gentle and elegant range of fabrics within a context of unpretentious furniture.

The collection is composed of high-quality, all natural, mattress—like cushions complemented by a low oak bench. All are handmade in France.
Freely positionned on the floor or arranged on the wooden bench, the large scale cushions are designed to be mixed, matched and pilled…

They come in 3 different sizes with removable fitting covers.
Each cushion has a thick natural latex core that provides an unique comfort  by combining flexibility, breathability and an exclusive responsive bounce.
The fabrics for the covers can be selected from Rue Hérold’s collection, from stone-washed linen or aged velvet to soften cotton.

Technical information :

3 different sizes
– Large  : 190cm x 95cm
– Medium : 170cm x 85cm
– Small : 120cm x 85cm
– handmade in France
– inside cushion is made of thick natural latex
– fabrics to be selected within Rue Hérold’s collection

– oak
– handmade in France
– 1940 L x 954 l x 240H